I have been working seriously as an artist since I was 19 years old and a painting major in college. Throughout this time, my media have ranged from oils, to black-and-white photography, to altered photographs, to watercolors, and pastels. For the past three years I have focused on large watercolors and drawings in pastel and colored pencil.

The subject of my current work is the perpetual tension between surface pattern and spatial illusion. Although the finished work is abstract in appearance, I frequently start with a closely rendered drawing based on real world observation. At other times, I select fragments that interest me from photographs of dancers or architectural spaces. I am interested in how I can convincingly communicate the energy and sense of spatial possibilities of a three-dimensional experience in a two-dimensional format. My goal is to give the viewer insight into his or her perception of motion and organization of space. Often, I convey the implied energy by using broad gestural strokes that evoke calligraphic painting or urban graffiti.

I am very much involved with color in my current work. I am continually intrigued by natural optical phenomena, such as the play of light on the surface of the water, or the rapidly shifting hues that are revealed in plant's foliage as it is tickled by the wind. In this area, I am influenced by traditional European easel painting and also by American pieced quilts with their exploration of the abundance of color combinations given strict design constraints.